Elisabeth Laett and Todd Kleperis on Frontier Finance & The HOLT Xchange Mission

On the latest episode of the Cash News podcast, Tom Meehan, CFI, and Shaun Ferrari, of Currency Research, are joined by Elizabeth Laett, managing partner at The HOLT Xchange, and returning guest, Todd Kelperis, chief executive officer of Payzel.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, The HOLT Xchange is a global data-driven fintech company catering to premiere startups who are bonded together with a robust ecosystem of other startups, investors, advisors, and corporate partners. Boasting $600M in total combined company valuations, representing 35 companies in 10 countries. Also of note, HOLT has over $10K fintechs tracked and over 1M data points.

Listen in to this insightful conversation around current currency trends, the financing of frontier industries, and Payzel’s journey to a partnership with THE HOLT XCHANGE, a modern-day fintech accelerator, fast-tracking deals for fintech startups between corporate clients and investors.

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